Who are we? Where did we come from?

Let us tell you all about it.


Bright Oktoberfest started out in 2009. We started small, up next to Bright Brewery and collaborated with them on the first year. Right from the start we had imported beers, German food and live music however we also charged entry for every person (like most other Oktoberfest's).

When 2010 came around we went out on our own and with that made a big decision, to make the event free entry. While the steins have become or unofficial entry fee we still charge no 'entry' for anybody drinking wine or soft drink meaning that our event is affordable for the whole family. At Bright Oktoberfest you won't find a child or designated driver that's had to pay $20 just to buy a can of soft drink. That's not our style.

2010 also brought our first year using the gorgeous parks of the Alpine Shire Council. We set ourselves up in a big marquee in Howitt Park all ready and excited to go. The big day came and with it, so did the rain. We though it was the end for us. Year two might just be our last. Luckily, we were wrong. The rain may have been falling but at Bright Oktoberfest the spirits were rising. Under the dry safety of the marquee everyone drank, ate, dance and had a great time. 

Bright Oktoberfest came back again in 2011, back in Howitt Park and bigger again. 2012 followed in suit with even more people coming to join in the festivities.

With the numbers growing and a demand for more we knew we had to do something big in 2013. Bright Oktoberfest expanded out to two wonderful days. That year also saw us move to our current home in Centenary Park, another of the Alpine Shire Council amazing parks. With great feedback on both of our new changes we decided to keep them both. 

The next two years in Centenary Park were lots of fun. We loved seeing people coming dressed up and dancing to the haus band. We loved hearing stories of people visiting one year and then bringing their friends back the next year to join in the fun. 

In 2015 we decided that we wanted to show off North East Victoria even more than we already did so we made friends with the wonderful people at Bridge Road Brewery in Beechworth and along with our imported beers sold their delicious golden ale.

From 2016 we teamed up with some great new musical acts and with Tony from Two Pot Brewery on the bar and things have never been better.

Now that 2018 is here we are already planning bigger and better things for this years Oktoberfest. Stay tuned to our news page for exciting updates and announcements leading up to the 4th of November!